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Health club members enjoy 24/7 access to a wonderful, new, well-equipped health and wellness facility, and participate in a full range of fitness and wellness classes and activities. But, in addition to achieving fitness goals, Hamilton Club health club members, who share a mutual commitment to good health, experience a sense of relationship and belonging that doesn’t happen at most other health clubs.

The Health Club fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie that creates special connections among club members and staff as they work together toward healthier lifestyles. Time spent at the Hamilton Club Health Club is a joy rather than a chore.

The Club’s state-of-the art Health Club facilities include two singles “soft-ball” (International Standards) squash courts (with glass wall entrance and a spectator gallery on the third floor), dry heat and steam rooms and rest area (for men), a well-equipped cardio fitness room and men’s and women’s shower and locker rooms.

Four treadmills, Three bikes (airdyne & recumbent), Three elliptical machines, Stepper,
Lat pulldown, Shoulder press, Seated row machine, Multi-function trainer, Leg extension,
Seated curl, Leg press, Seated chest press, Free weights and adjustable bench.

Fitness Classes
Instructor: Becky Zuber
Tuesday Evening
5:15-6:15 p.m.
HIIT - Don't be intimidated by the idea of "High Intensity Interval Training." This class is great for metabolic conditioning, but relatively low impact. All exercisers are encouraged to go at their own pace and to take the modification that best suits their needs. Class begins with 10 minutes of warmup and stretching to prime the body for the main exercise sets. Next, we get the heart rate up a bit with various exercises performed for prescribed durations. We take a 10-12 minute break from the intervals to focus on core exercises to strengthen the torso and to encourage better posture. Then we pick up where we left off for one more round of interval training. The class finishes with a short balance practice and a 10 minute guided stretching and cool down session. The exercises are always changing to encourage a concept called "muscle confusion" as this has been proven to be most beneficial for functional training. The class atmosphere is lighthearted and welcoming. Please consider joining us for a fun and productive hour.

Thursday Evening 5:15-6:15
The Mind-Body Connection
- While the modalities for Thursday evening classes are a rotating blend of Pilates, Yoga, and TaiChi, the focus on the breath is the common thread. We learn to use the breath to contract the muscles, to facilitate movement through our range of motion, and to quiet the mind. All of these benefits are incorporated into each of these classes leaving you stronger and more balanced in both body and mind. If you are seeking greater wellness, this class can be an important piece of your life approach.