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Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Yoga Flow

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
9:30 to 10:45 a.m.
Instructor: Monica Kirchner
Yoga Flow is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings on the squash court. It is Vinyasa-based
yoga and great for all levels. You can be new (never tried yoga) and practice alongside someone who
has been doing it for years. That’s the beauty of yoga! All of the poses (asanas) can be modified to suit
anyone. The instructor will remind you to honor and listen to your body. In yoga you leave your ego at
the door and just practice what you can do that day.
Class begins with breathing exercises to clear the mind. The poses are linked with the breath, moving
from one pose to the next. While we follow a similar routine, no two classes are the same. Don’t worry
that you’re not flexible enough. Yoga helps to gain flexibility as well as balance and strength.
Monica has been practicing yoga for 13 years. She is the owner of Bridge Yoga Studio. Before opening
her own studio she studied different styles of yoga and taught at many health clubs in Lancaster.

Boot Camp

Tuesday & Thursday
5:15 to 6:15 p.m.
Instructor: Becky Zuber
Tuesday: This is a high-intensity, fast-paced interval training exercise class, with a mix of many different
exercises. It includes a 10-minute warm-up and stretch, and builds to a 15 minute interval set, 12
minutes of intense abs and another 8 minutes of intervals. It ends with balance, stretch and cool down.
Thursday: This is a Pilates class that includes some light resistance training with weights and various
props. It is ab-heavy and includes balance and stretching. It is lower intensity than Tuesday’s class and
there are modifications for all strength and flexibility levels.
Becky loves to changes things up. She is also trained in yoga so some may be in introduced into the
routines as well. If you are looking to add some fun to your workout, this is the class. It’s never boring.
Becky will help you find your inner strength in addition to strengthening your whole body.